Manhole Cover Art in Japan

Manhole cover design varies in cities and countries. In some countries they have plain grid manhole covers while in others they put logos and seals on them. Here is another way how manhole covers in Japan are styled. In Japan everything takes on an artistic quality, and manhole covers are no exception. So when you are in Japan make sure you check beneath your feet.

Manhole Cover Art

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  1. Ooh Cool!! I wish ours were this interesting!

  2. I’ve seen some of these in Tokyo. Really cool.

    Love your site!

  3. Edward Thorstein

    Makes me wonder why no one takes these, I mean they look nice and they’re just sitting there. I mean aside from the heavy weight it couldn’t be that hard with the aid of a vehicle.

  4. The 3rd one from the top (with the little guy pointing up at the text) says “Idling Stop”, which is a slogan promoting drivers to turn off their car engines when parked or when waiting at the lights for a long cycle.

  5. BanjoPlayingHamster

    That can’t be in Japan; there’s no tentacle pr0n!

  6. Nice collection. I recognize one! I used to live in Minoh – so was pretty pleased to see the Mino one (with the picture of a water fall). Many memories from that water fall. Thanks for the memories.

  7. I remember the Hakodate one from my last Japan trip. I’ve also take a picture of it :D

  8. People do take these, actually — although, IIRC, there are harsher punishments for stealing manhole covers than run-of-the-mill theft.

    Also, these things are heavy. It’s not that simple to simply hoist one up into a car and run away, especially if it’s one located on streets where cars can’t get in.

    Besides, where would one put something that big in one’s tiny apartment? ;)

  9. Here’s a one from Osaka. I’ll see if I can find the one from Tokyo. Great pictures btw.

  10. Gorgeous.

    The second image should really be flipped 180 degrees – it’s upside down.

  11. Wow,that’s really awesome.Wish we had those in my city,at least a couple here and there would make the whole place a lot more interesting!

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