Cardboard Bicycle

cardboard bicycle

Today bikes are made almost from everything: metal, carbon, vegetables. But this guy went to a whole new level and made a bicycle out of cardboard that costs around $10 to make.
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Alberto Seveso Flowing Landscapes

Presenting the new masterpiece from the italian digital artist Alberto Seveso. Well nothing really special about that, Alberto just put some ink in the water and captured it flows on high speed. The result is really stunning, you can stare into those pictures for hours.
Alberto Seveso
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Michel Gondry’s back to back cars

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, these cars really do exist. You can spot them on the set of Michel Gondry’s next film, adapted from the Boris Vian novel, The Foam of the Days. Points for creativity in exotic car design go to the French filmmaker.

Michel Gondry's back to back cars
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Book Igloo

book igloo
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Fixed gear bike made completely out of food

Swedish still life photographer, Fabian Öhrn partnered with art director Joakim Hedblad to produce this awesome fixed gear made entirely out of food! There is not one element that is not a comestible ingredient.

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Seven weirdest cameras in the world

wierd camera

Check this out, a polaroid camera in a turtle shell, how cool can that be?
P.S. no turtles were harmed in the making, only natural causes of death.
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Have you heard about Creme Cycles?

Springtime is special for everyone, but it means even more for people who love bicycles. For us it’s also an important moment for another reason. It’s the end of a long journey that lead us to the creation of the second collection of Creme bicycles. As always, we have put in our whole heart and a lot of work to make sure that every minute spent with the bike – whether on it, or beside it – will be pure pleasure for the eyes, the soul and the body.

Take a look at the pleasant moments that we captured on our cameras, and check out the bicycles that will take you through secluded country lanes and busy streets of big cities.

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Chocolate Skull

Do you have a craving for something sweet and ghoulish? You’re in luck, cause these chocolate skulls might be just want you are looking for. What can be better than to munch on some skulls with walnuts for brains. Or you can order skulls with candy inside if you are in the mood for a filling that is more… chewy

chocolate skull gone nuts
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Watches that will blow your mind

Tread 1

The Devon Tread 1 watches are far form cheap, everyday accessories. Each costs $15,000 run on lithium polymer rechargeable cell that can run up to 2 weeks on a single charge. Not a very cool feature for a fifteen grand watch.

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Polaboy — a real polaroid frame on your wall

Polaroid photos have their unique style, look and photo colors. Now a group of enthusiasts called “Lightboys” created a unique photo frame called Polaboy®.

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