Things are not what they look. Part IV

Another part of realistic looking ads, as a good tradition.

Ad: Towels with hands and feet printed on them…well, you get the idea.
Agency: Lowe Mena

funny ad

Ad: Posters for Vida Urgente, an organization devoted to preventing drunk driving. The text on the poster says: ‘There are better things to hit on in the evening. Don’t drink and drive’.
Agency: Novacentro

funny ad

Ad: Always fresh fish by Global Fish
Agency: Leo Burnett

funny ad

Ad: Hoovers can be really powerful
Agency: Miami Ad School

funny ad

Ad: Durex comes in all sizes
Agency: Unknown

funny ad

Ad: Dog food is so tasty! Dogs will do anything for it
Agency: McCann Ericksson

funny ad

Ad: Canadian hurdler Perdita Felicien and distance runner Bernard Lagat in Nike ad.
Agency: Taxi Toronto

funny ad

Ads: Cats lick soap with milk
Agencies: Unknown

funny ad
funny ad

Ad: Don’t want to watch the ugly naked guy? Just pull the curtains. Moma curtains ad.
Agency: Unknown

funny ad

Ad: Wonderbra ad. Speaks for itself.
Agency: Unknown

funny ad

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  1. re : Ad: Towels with hands and feet printed on them?well, you get the idea.
    Agency: Lowe Mena

    hey..may i know where can i get that towel?

  2. You could try contacting The Lowe Mena Agency

    FunForever Team

  3. whats all of this? i have never been on this website and its weird!
    i only clicked this because of the name sounded like there was games on there. but all i find is weird pictures. can somebody
    explain what its all about? im not being rude. just asking.

  4. Sienna, it’s about everything weird and funny. Also design, cool ads and art.

  5. The “Durex XXL” one is a fake.
    The original ad was made for burger king’s burgers.

    You can find it here:

  6. Thank You!
    That’s funny, cause we’ve been thinking, could they really dare.. ? :)

    Let it stay this way, though. Funnier, and that’s what we are here for.

  7. This is hilarious!!


    These ads illustrates certain ideologies that shape the modern world in the western society. very interesting!!

  8. Brilliant loved it ALL

  9. Cooool collection of pics they loooook so real

  10. Wien ist mir im moment zu distanziert… Dann will ich dir wenigstens auf diesem wege meine lieben grube zukommen lassen!!! :)

  11. Best pictures i found soooooo far. Looking forward for more of your funny pictures.

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