Light Graffiti

A new trend in graffiti art – light graffiti. Typical graffiti is made by using spray paint, however to make light graffiti all you need is a light source – flashlight, glowstick, fireworks, or maybe a cell phone and a camera. The results are amazing.

Light Graffiti

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  1. All these are untouched photos? They were just really long exposures? It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Hmm …

  3. What’s old is new again… Didn’t Picasso do this type of thing almost a century ago, in the 1920s?

  4. Yeah! Interesting.

  5. Catherine Banghart

    I’m confused. where is the hand that held the light?

  6. this is awesome and uber cool!

  7. 5. Catherine Banghart | November 6th, 2007 at 4:51 pm said “I’m confused. where is the hand that held the light?”

    You don’t see it because the long exposure only captures stationary objects (i.e. those that don’t move) but because the bar of light (well, the actual light coming from it) is such a difference from the normal background, that it gets imposed on the film.

    Which is to say, if you went through the same semantics without holding a halloween-type light stick but instead, say, a brick, the picture would look the same as if you’d done nothing, i.e. it would just be a picture of a park or a street or whatever.

  8. Incredible work! Nice!

  9. thats to cool! but i still want to know how you guys do it. must take long to put all those frames together yeah?

  10. hey i was just woundering what were da shutter speeds and aperture that u used to make these and what iso for the film????? and well done the photos are really gud!! if u cud email me bak that wood b choice thankz

  11. sandi –

    shutter speeds most likely varied, and the apertures chosen were most likely somewhat large. hard to tell what ISO with pics these small, but since its at night probably 100 or 200.

    but if you wanna get this style down you should try experimenting yourself :p

  12. Cool, but I’d hardly call that graffiti. To be graffiti it kind of has to be on the side of a building. That’s more light photography.

  13. these are awesome.
    is this really unedited ?
    cos some pics looks hard to ‘draw’ in one single frame.

  14. how do you do this?

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