Freaky Toys

These toys are certainly meant for grownups, unless you want to damage children psyche.

Beck Wheeler is a German artist and she produces great creative toys. This toy has a removable bear-face that can be unbuttoned to expose a multi-eyed creature.

freaky toy

Another toy from Beck Wheeler:

freaky toy

Kissy Kissy Toys

Bodil Soderlund covers old teddy-bears with cast and then kilns it. Old fabric naturally burns out, leaving just the cast frame of the old teddy bear, making it timeless.
Bodil is also offering a service of transforming your own teddy into a porcelain object of desire.

freaky toy

Cast toys

Bodil Soderlun’s website

Pee and Poo toys are made in a cotton plush (80% cotton and 20% polyester) and filled with polyester fibre. Naturally, they are CE approved and are suitable for children of all ages. They look so cute, apart from being pee and poo.

freaky toy

Buy Pee&Poo

Continuing with the loo subject, here’s the Pissing Guy, by Sjors Trimbach. No comments.

freaky toy

Buy the guy

I Golfini Della Nonna presents Terrorism Finger Puppets made of hand crocheted cotton. The puppets have incredible likeness with Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Ahmadinejad and George W. Bush. Whole politics theatre just for $55!

freaky toy

Buy Terrorism Finger Puppets

Some acid toys: cute Furfolo and Cloud X – chemical hand-mades!

freaky toy
freaky toy


Cloud X

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