Don’t try this at home

You think that books are just for reading? It turns out that many people think different.

Georgia Russell is from Scotland. She uses scalpel instead of a brush or a pen. Her creations look like some fairy-tale creatures. Absolutely unique artist!

book art

georgia russel

Abelardo Morell is many times awarded Cuban artist. Being a professor of photography, Morell is famous for his Alice in Wonderland series. Morell also has a passion for books.

abelardo morell
book art

Another book loving artist is Cara Borer. As she herself states, My photographs are primarily a documentation of a physical evolution. I have changed a common object into sculpture in a state of flux.

cara borer
cara borer
book art
book art

Robert The makes freaky book installations and sculptures. Don’t try this at home!

robert the
robert the
book art
book art

Book of lights is both a book and a lamp. It was created by Takeshi Ishiguro for Arctecnica. The lamp can be powered by a simple low voltage adapter.

takeshi ishiguro
book of lights

Olafur Eliasson made a hand bound book with 454 laser cut leaves. Read the book and imagine your dream house.

olafur elliason laser cut
book art hand bound book

More Book art:

book art
book art
book art
book art
book art
book art
book art
book art

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  1. These artists are wonderfully creative! And how creative of you to find them and feature them here on your site! I will be directing my readers here as a favorite this week!

  2. Robin L. Orenbuch

    As long as she’s only using trashy books like Clinton’s autobiography, or books written by other well-known criminals, or liberals or for that matter conservatives as well.

  3. And why cant i try this at home?

  4. nice stuff …
    hehe …
    guess parents wont like their kids to see this … hehe

  5. Love this art!

  6. first come here, a nice place

  7. nice work.. incredibly super.. i love the gun shaped book the most.. can i have it?? please?? @,@

  8. Some books deserve being made in a real art form. I love the gun.

  9. I love books! Yet, I do like the Robert The sculptures. And no, I would never try that at home.

    adrienne zurub

  10. Amazing ways of changing a book totally. It’s one of those things i wish i’d thought of first.

  11. I find this rather repulsive. Surely you can think of something better to cut than books…

  12. You should give Sue Blackwell credits for the book-art-pictures.

  13. Someones is a very, very creative :) Thanks for sharing

  14. Dear waltraut,

    Thanks for Sue Blackwell – we’ll add that.

    FunForever Team

  15. Very nice. I particularly like the last one for its minimalistic design.

  16. excellent/excellent\excellent/excellent

  17. I think they should have done some of these with bibles. That would have been more controversial.

  18. 48th!

  19. Why would you do that to a perfectly good precious book? :(

  20. This makes me physically ill. Books, especially older ones are treasures. If you don’t want to read them, give them to someone who does.

  21. Well on the one hand, it is a shame to destroy books, but not all books are all that worth keeping around.

    Does the world really need a couple million copies of the Paris Hilton autobiography?

  22. she is crazy

  23. I don’t want to be a poop, but this makes me nauseous. I am a big fan of old books, and seeing them defiled makes my skin crawl.
    It’s pretty, but sad.

  24. You guys are sick! Books are for reading, not destroying! To those of you who are students who can’t sell back their textbooks, try keeping them!

    And to all of you hack artists who partake in this kind of literary destruction, try writing a book. Then maybe you will have more respect for them…

  25. Smarter Than You

    You know what? Art is whatever the artist deems it is. Art has no rules, art knows no boundaries. It is painfully obvious that these negative comments are written by those unfulfilled by the beauty of art in any and all its forms. Books are printed more than once, by the way, these books have other copies so you folks who pretend to hate just to be sheep can read them, calm down. These pieces are some of the most brilliant and original works I have seen in a long time. Bravo!
    -an artist-

    • Well said… I completely agree! As a lover of art in most every form, including the written word, I am utterly in awe of the creativity of these artists. I feel that they have helped to immortalize these particular books with their outstanding artistic touches! Bravo is right!

  26. motocycle guy! u r dork,the bible is the HOLy scriptures,not a normail book,whatever i think they r prety cool but i dident get y we cant do that at home!???

  27. Smarter Than You is right, this is real art. It’s beautiful and you are all fools to think that a book is too righteous to be used for art.
    Keep up the good work, it’s fantastic.

  28. This is very cool stuff!!! i love it! I couldn’t do it myself but it’s lovely!

  29. I feel happy very much, always hard works makes happy,
    both side…! Great Work keep on going.

  30. I have been a reader since I knew what a book was but not all books are worth reading and many are futile repeats.Therefore if you have the talent to create then try to use recycled products when possible and pass them on.There are millions of no value books so help yourself and advertise such wonderful talent because we need beauty in the midst of crude ugliness. I appreciate your sharing because being creative builds hope..Pay no ATTENTION to negative comments from idle minds. As for the bible I will embrace its message and pass it on to those who relize an opportunity for improvement!! YOU DESERVE AN AWARD FOR EXCELLANCE!!

  31. What creative minds! I have just this week viewed another site that used books/pages cut and then formed into 3D art. those who can do this show their minds at work. A book is a book ia a book, unitl one makes it something else in their minds or physically. Great photography.

  32. Giddy up! Now I know what to do with this bag of old books I can’t sell. :)

  33. Very fun page. Many good picture made by books.
    I love it. Maby I shall try to do it with some of my whifes books. She got only little over 950 article, so my I dare ??? ;)

  34. Nice work! ” a dog in the hunt don’t know, he got fleas”
    let the critics rant. the Book of Life is within! Many of us enjoy old books, however what this person decides to do with her books is her choice. ” Some search the scriptures, because in them they think they have eternal life, however they are they which testify of me” let there be no condemnation.

  35. What a wonderful work!
    Really really funny, and creative!

    A book is a book until someone decide to make it different!
    :o )

  36. Very pleased to see Georgia Russell’s work featured on your blog – you and your readers may be interested to know that Georgia is currently working towards an exhibition at our gallery in October this year (we have representied her since she graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and always have some of her work at the gallery). I will send you details of the exhibition later in the year and update you on her new works. I also enjoyed seeing the other artists that you featured.

  37. Dear Jane,

    Thank You for Your comment. Surely, we would like to receive mor e information on Georgia Russell’s new work once it’s finished.

    FunForever Team

  38. makerofthingsup

    It amazes me to see how many people reacted by stating that books should not be defaced in the name of art. The last time I checked, there is no shortage of books, and the greatthing is we have the ability and capacity to print more.

    And simply because a book has been around a few more years than others does not give it any more intrinsic value per se. If the artist owns the property, he or she has the right to do with the article however he or she sees fit unless it is specifically protected by law.

    It never ceases to amaze me how some can find controversy in almost anything. they’re paper and ink; books that undoubtedly are still in wide circulation – it’s not like the artist used the Dead Sea scrolls, the Magna Carta, or the original Bill of Rights.

    And so what if one of the books was the Bible? Again, just paper and ink, no more sacred than any other combination of the same two materials. We can print more, the artist is not killing God or blaspheming. Besides, not everyone shares the oipinion that the Bible is Truth and the word of God.

    Great work, the art is very pleasing to the eye and is cleverly done. I, for one, appreciate the multiple levels on which the art operates. These aren’t just random works, each relates specifically to the particular medium used. Very well done!

  39. Nice ART !!

  40. Wow! Some great art there!

  41. I was going to react to the book defacing comments, but I don’t have to. All my points have been made and made well. I love these pictures and I enjoy their subversiveness, particularly the ones that have trees and gardens growing out of them. There is more than one way for a book to “come to life”, apparently. Fantastic stuff :)

  42. Hi!!! Excellent resource you’ve got here!!! Will definately be back!!!

  43. amazing…

    thats inspiration :)

  44. Isabee Demski

    Very nice work. I love old books yet I don’t mind seeing them cut when you do it. Excellent.

  45. Seriously, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s good.

  46. Lieber grumble!!! hoffe dir gehts gut da in der fremden weite… wenn man dich schon nicht pers?nlich besuchen kann…

  47. Who made the beautiful paper dioramas at the bottom of the page? I’d like to contact the artist.

  48. creativity knows no limit.

  49. These are so great! So incredibly creative.

    Now I love books, I have enough of them I could fill a whole room full of bookshelves if I had the space. However unless a book is very rare and valuable (say first edition of something like the Great Gatsby) then it only has the value you give it emotionally and more of them can and probably more will be printed if the book is any good (for example I’m sure Alice in Wonderland has never been out of print for very long).

  50. Cool ! I haven’t thought that books can be made into works of art like these before…

  51. My favorite artist working with books is Brian Dettmer. He carves books to reveal new meanings from the inner content. You can see some of his recent work here:

    and here:

    and here:

    See also the Wikipedia article about his work:

  52. ouch that is like a shot through the heart!!! how can those people do that to the inoccent books??? imagine the authors!! all their knowledge ending up in spiraled pages!!!! it hurts me to see precious books ending up like that!!!

  53. It is such a shame to see books stuck on shelves, in boxes, stuffed into garages, storage units and who knows where else. I see beautiful books at garage sales for a dollar. Some books are precious works and should be saved, but if non precious books can be used to create beautiful artwork, then I am all for it! Sometimes I think fabric that can never be made again is even more precious than books — I don’t even sew, but I do read books $ they are to be enjoyed — no matter what.

  54. wow!…..but what a waist of great books

  55. WOW!

    We here in england love this stuff ! This is the most amazing thing we have ever seen. WOW I mean wow. Just beautiful ! Jees louise !!


    If you like this you may also enjoy substance substance substance abuse and electronic music musicmusicmusicmusicmusicmusicvvcdkaghsdgagasgjkasdgjka.

    hee hee … although …. nah never mind, I am off to speak to that other dude !

  56. i would also like to know the name of the artist who made the very last ones! please!

  57. Great Job!!!
    Excellent work!

    I love the art of creativity & visualization.
    Keep it up….guys.

  58. Take care of imitate keep in creative mood, let the books talk, and move.

  59. This is some amazing art. I would like to know how I can get some of this.

  60. new dimension of reading…

  61. WOW! Amazing!
    I am – what you call it – STOKED!

    Greetings from Berlin.

  62. Oo I say, what snazzy little innovators we are. Theme: cutting up books is fun/clever.
    Trite idea pandering to insecure semiliterates: selling art in this manner degrades the plastic arts including those shown.

  63. This is absolutely amazing! Art can truly be anywhere. Thank you for sharing!

  64. To all of you who are appalled at the book art, haven’t you people ever heard of altered books?!!! They are everywhere including museums and galleries. There is even an international organization for altered books. ISABA- check it out, enlighten yourselves! I have a great love and respect for books. But there are millions and millions of them -many just gathering dust. Not to mention hundreds of the same title that most are interested in. I get some for altering from the Goodwill or the library when they are getting rid of them. I don’t make these amazing carved kind but the more typical altered books.

  65. that is freaking amazing

  66. Who created the two Alice in Wonderland sculptures of Alice by the tableside at the tea party?

  67. They must be very bored with reading so they tend to create such artwork=p

  68. Where people cut books, people will cut people

  69. I’m big reader so i was originally put off by the defacement of books. But it’s the content rather than the object that is sacred which, i think, is part of your point.
    Beautiful sculptures!
    Did you choose the books to match the piece?

  70. how do ppl come up with these things there amazing… they are excellent for my inspiration for hsc…

  71. how do call this kind of books?with all these stuff inside that take a shape when you open it?

  72. Works of Art!! Simply sublime. I’m a bibliiophile. I read books ( 10 -15 a week) all genres, I reread books, I covet books – old, new, borrowed, blue. I WISH I had the talent and the nerve to even attempt something as glorious as this! Not all books need be saved, but all books need to be used.

  73. Hello, very nice site, keep up good job!
    Admin good, very good.

  74. how many trees did you kill for your amusement!!

  75. Hello, very nice site, keep up good job!
    Admin good, very good.

  76. Tambm tenho usado o suporte livro para as minhas criaes artisticas e fiquei maravilhado quando um amigo me indicou este site. Is very nice site!

  77. Hi Admin,
    I like those pictures you posed in later part, those books with desk and cups or a couple standing on the book one.
    It’s really amazing to see them, do you know where can I find more of thes works or the artist?


  78. This is wrong, so many of you refer to this as the art of books. That could not be further from the truth, the art of books is the written word, not sculpted pages. I view what is being done here as graffiti, same on you.

  79. soy encuadernadora y restauradora de libros y aunque siempre me preocupe de la recuperacin de los mismos para que sigan funcionando como tales, me sorprendo con esta posibilidad de arte. felicitaciones. son hermosas obras. quizas pueda inspirarme y lograr alguna. adelante son bellsimas

  80. Thank you- it is beautiful work-

  81. wow! the ArtCrisis Book shaped like gun!

    F A N T A S T I C !!!

  82. No words its beautiful. You have to have a talent to o something like that, but…why ruin the books?

  83. Love your list of book artists! I have an MA in Book Art and I wrote my own blog, where I have just done a similar list. I have a couple that you don’t and vise versa. Thank you. x

  84. Outstanding!…………..web

  85. tree’s are people too.

  86. amazing. i love all of them!

  87. that’s what i called immagnation thankyou !

  88. Hey everyone look at me, i’m commenting too!

  89. Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve seen a lot of these online through StumbleUpon anymore, I’d love to see some of these book art items in person though!

  90. Pappillion Beauchamp

    I just pooped in my pants, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m just sitting here, in shit, totally at a loss as to what to do. I never thought I would be capable of this, but damned if my balls aren’t being slowly corroded by my own hot putrescence. I just thought of a scene from the show Futurama, laughed loudly and unexpectedly, and literally shit in my pants. For anyone who thinks I’m joking, I say this: I envy you. I urge anyone who thinks that they aren’t capable of this to take a moment to give thanks that they too aren’t stupefied by a hot, stinking, smashed turd in their skivvies.

  91. Fascinating work. Thank you!

  92. wow I can’t belive all the ignorant jokers that were so offended by such beautiful work. I love books and have collected rare books for years but can understand the difference. what a beautiful thing to see a book that would have probably been discarded, left in a box or put on a shelf to collect dust and never be read again. Where is the logic? keep up the incredible work!!!!

  93. These are so cool! I do small press book binding at my workshop and have been thinking about books as art objects recently. These go way beyond anything I’ve come up with.

  94. this one is LOVELY.

  95. This is really amazing book art. Laser cutting work is awesome and is unique creative work.

  96. Very, very, very, nice and lovely and wonderful.

  97. I use antique books to make clocks or keepsake boxes too but I must admit, they must either be missing pages or actually be the dullest book on earth before I’ll cut into them (like council records or similar!). Love these creations though. Slightly feel that laser cutting is in some way cheating though! lol!

  98. You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read anything like
    this before. So wonderful to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this subject matter.

    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is one thing that is required on the web,
    someone with a bit of originality!

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